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Editorial Team


Editorial Team

The project team has comprised people working in various roles over the period during which the editorial work of compiling the Dictionary was undertaken.

Three Editors have been successively responsible for the overall production of the Dictionary, overseeing the process of research and drafting, and reviewing and revising the drafted material. They were also responsible for the other outputs of the team, towards the end of the project including the preparations for electronic publication.

The Assistant Editors, of whom there were between two and five at any point, worked principally on researching and drafting the entries for the Dictionary. They also undertook critical reading and proofreading during the review and revision stages.

The Consultant Editor reviewed the drafts of the Dictionary text, suggesting revisions and refinements.

The Editorial Assistants prepared the typescript of the Dictionary from the manuscript drafts prepared by the Editor, before the adoption of electronic drafting in 2010/11.

From 2011, the XML & Web Developer dealt with managing, maintaining, and processing the Dictionary's XML data and website.

Following the completion of the printed Dictionary in 2013, the project team was disbanded during the course of 2014.

Contact information for the project can be found here.