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The Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources is published for the British Academy by Oxford University Press. This page is about the first publication of the Dictionary in fascicules between 1975 and 2013; this is superseded by the current three-volume publication.


The Dictionary was published in consecutive ‘fascicules’ (instalments). Fascicules were issued in paperback, each measuring 305×230mm.

Fascicule Range Date ISBN
I A–B + bibliography 1975 9780197259481
II C 1981 9780197259689
III D–E + revised bibliography 1986 9780197260234
IV F–H 1989 9780197260821
V I–L 1997 9780197261484
VI M + supplementary bibliography 2001 9780197262405
VII N 2002 9780197262665
VIII O 2003 9780197263006
IX P–Pelicanus 2005 9780197263402
X Pelicanus–Philautia 2006 9780197263877
XI Philautia–Possessorius 2007 9780197264218
XII Possessorius–Propter 2009 9780197264362
XIII Propter–Regularis 2010 9780197264676
XIV Regularis–Salvator 2011 9780197265086
XV Salvator–Solvere 2012 9780197265284
XVI Solvere–Syricum 2013 9780197265451
XVII Syrina–Z 2013 9780197265611

Fascicule V was issued together with a hardback case and includes a reprint of the preliminary pages so that Fascicules I–V might be bound together as Volume I (A–L). No separate covers were produced for binding Vol. II.


Volume I of the Dictionary comprises Fascicules I–V, covering the letters A to L. When they are bound, the dictionary entries on pages 1–1668 should be preceded by the preliminary pages i–lxvii printed at the back of Fascicule V. All other preliminaries from these fascicules may be discarded.

Volume II covers the letters M to Z. Addenda and corrigenda for the dictionary are printed in the preliminary pages of Fascicules VI and XVII, together with supplementary bibliography lists.


The Bibliography is a key to the abbreviated citations used in the Dictionary. The original version printed in Fascicule I is no longer in use. It is superseded by the revised Bibliography printed in Fascicule III (reprinted in Fascicule V), which must be used together with the Supplementary Bibliography printed in Fascicule VI; a further Supplementary Bibliography is printed in Fascicule XVII. A consolidated bibliography is now available as a webpage.

Find a copy

The Dictionary is held by more than 35 research libraries in the UK, and can be found in many more worldwide.

It is available for purchase directly from Oxford University Press and from other booksellers.

Citing the Dictionary

We recommend that bibliographic references to the Dictionary include the following information:

R. E. Latham, D. R. Howlett, & R. K. Ashdowne (eds.) Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources (British Academy: Oxford, 1975–2013).

In running text or in short-form footnotes, DMLBS is the recommended abbreviation. Individual entries may best be cited by headword and their senses by number, e.g. DMLBS s.v. 2 sanus 2d. (s.v. = sub verbo, i.e. ‘under the word’) We do not recommend citation by page and column.