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The Academy Committee


The Academy Committee

As a research project of the British Academy, our work is formally under the direction and oversight of a committee appointed by the Academy, as has been the case since the project's first beginnings in the 1920s. Following the completion of publication in print the committee has been much reduced in size. The present members of the committee are:

Prof. T. Reinhardt, Corpus Professor of Latin, Corpus Christi College, Oxford (Chairman and Principal Investigator)
Dr. R. K. Ashdowne, University College, Oxford (Editor)
Prof. P. Brand, F.B.A., All Souls College, Oxford
Prof. M. D. Reeve, F.B.A., Pembroke College, Cambridge

The committee has general responsibility for directing the project's strategy and policy, while day-to-day responsibility for managing the project rests with the Editor, where necessary in consultation with the Chairman of the committee.

Funding from the various bodies places certain formal governance obligations on research projects, and in accordance with these Prof. Reinhardt is the named Principal Investigator and award-holder for the DMLBS project's grants.