About this site


About this site

This site uses the Drupal 7 Content Management System and was designed and created by Tom Wrobel in May 2012.

The DMLBS project is grateful to the APGRD for hosting this website.

Our logo

Our logo is a stylized representation of an open book on a medieval scribe's desk. (Scribes' desks took a wide variety of shapes during the middle ages, and this is one sort.) The logo is available in a variety of formats on request.


All content is copyright © Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources unless otherwise specified. Some content on this site was obtained using a copyleft licence, such as the Creative Commons licence, and all effort has been made to credit the original creators appropriately according the terms of these licences. If you have any queries about the project's use of any of the images or text used on this site, please contact us.

Help, support, and feedback

If you require any assistance in using this site, please thomas.wrobel [at] classics.ox.ac.uk (get in touch) and let us know what we can do to help you.

We welcome all feedback! If you have any comments, please email Tom Wrobel (thomas.wrobel [at] classics.ox.ac.uk (subject: DMLBS%20website%20support%2Ffeedback) ).