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Select Cases from the Coroners’ Rolls

The Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources has been helped enormously by the numerous learned societies devoted to the publication of documents, some specialising in a particular county or city, others in a particular type of document. They provide very useful editions of histories, monastic rules and liturgies, college statutes, accounts, and other documents, enriching the DMLBS with examples of a wide range of sources.

The Selden Society publishes legal records: this volume contains selections from the coroners’ rolls in the National Archives, including this illustration of ‘neglegentia’ (‘negligence’) taken from 1396, from a case of a mad woman who fell into a well.

The same page includes the cases of a child who drowned in a pan of milk and another who was buried under falling sand in a sandpit. These are typical of the many strange cases of death by misadventure contained in these rolls.

The image is from Select Cases from the Coroners’ Rolls, AD 1265-1413, Selden Soc Vol. IX (1895) p. 50 (image © DMLBS)

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Select Cases from the Coroners’ Rolls, AD 1265-1413

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