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Nicholas Upton, De Studio Militari

Nicholas Upton (c. 1400-1457) was a lawyer and cleric. He graduated from Oxford as bachelor of civil law in 1421 and of canon law in 1427, eventually becoming doctor of canon law in 1439. He held several benefices in south-western England and was made precentor of Salisbury cathedral in 1446. But he was also an expert on heraldry, who travelled to France in 1421 in the retinue of Thomas Montagu, Earl of Salisbury, and also served other noble patrons such as Humphrey Duke of Gloucester and William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk. His De Studio MIlitari, written in 1447 and dedicated to Gloucester, is a treatise in four parts on heraldry and the art of war: this edition of 1654 includes illustrations of his heraldic descriptions, such as the various borders discussed here.

The image is from Nicholas Upton, 'De Studio Militari', London, 1654, f. 315v (image © DMLBS)

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1654 edition of Nicholas Upton's De Studio Militari

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