Balliol Charter 1361




Since work on the project first got under way in the 1920s the project has produced two major print publications.

The first stage of the project resulted in the production of the Medieval Latin Word-List, an interim guide to medieval Latin vocabulary in British and Irish sources, first published in 1934 and reprinted numerous times. This Word-List subsequently underwent a full revision and was released as the Revised Medieval Word-List in 1965 (with a further supplement added when it was reprinted in 1980).

Since 1965 the project's output has been the Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources itself, of which the first part ('fascicule') was published in 1975. Print publication of the Dictionary is complete, with the final fascicule published in December 2013. The Dictionary supersedes the Word-List.

The project has also made arrangements for the Dictionary's electronic publication.